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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Real Estate

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- What real estate markets do you serve?
- Do you specialize in any particular types of commercial real estate properties?
- When and why should I hire a commercial real estate broker?
- What are some of the mistakes people make when searching for commercial property?
- When should I start to evaluate opportunities to improve my commercial lease rate?
- How are commercial real estate brokers compensated?
- What do commercial real estate brokers need from their clients to be effective?
- To get started in search for commercial space, what do I need to provide to the commercial real estate broker?
- Can you provide an estimate of what my commercial building is worth today?
- Should I buy or lease a commercial building?
- What are the differences in property tax rates between Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County, and McHenry County?
- What is a sublease and what are the advantages and disadvantages?
- How much commercial space do we need?
- What does "build-out" mean?
- What is the best way to select a commercial real estate broker?
- How long should I sign a commercial property lease for?
- How can a commercial real estate broker work as both a listing agent and tenant rep?
- What distinguishes Grade A, Grade B and Grade C office space?
- What is the supply of green buildings in Chicago?
- Why choose a smaller commercial brokerage firm like FCR, over a large, national real estate brokerage firm?
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