FCR's Process for Tenants and Purchasers

Step 1 Define client’s goals and objectives.
Step 2 Review existing lease or ownership entity documents.
Step 3 Understand timing, budget, location parameters, amenity requirements and image preferences.
Step 4 Conduct preliminary market survey based on preliminary needs analysis.
Step 5 Based on client feedback, conduct a second market survey focusing on a handful of properties.
Step 6 Tour and evaluate properties. Review client’s likes and dislikes.
Step 7 Assemble a professional team which can include an attorney, space planner, interior designer and finish contractor.
Step 8 Select top alternatives, generate RFP’s (request for proposals), negotiate terms and conditions.
Step 9 Provide clients with a spreadsheet analysis showing the financial impact of various alternatives.
Step 10 Select a target property.  Review the lease or contract with an attorney to ensure business points are covered and client is adequately represented. 
Step 11 Monitor construction or coordinate due diligence.
Step 12 Assist in the final walk through of property and prepare a punch list of unfinished items.
Step 13 Prepare lease abstract that outlines basic terms, conditions and key dates for tenant.